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产品名称Warner OC-725C 卵母细胞膜片钳

CategoryPatch clamp data acquisition system

OC-752C 卵母细胞双电极电压钳放大器是双电极电压钳记录的放大器,放大器常跟Heka 的LIH8+8 AD/DA 转换器和PatchMaster 记录分析软件配套使用。

Product description
Technical Specs

OC-752C 卵母细胞双电极电压钳放大器是双电极电压钳记录的放大器,放大器常跟Heka 的LIH8+8 AD/DA 转换器和PatchMaster 记录分析软件配套使用。

OC-752C 卵母细胞双电极电压钳放大器是双电极电压钳记录的放大器,放大器常跟Heka 的LIH8+8 AD/DA 转换器和PatchMaster 记录分析软件配套使用。


  • λ 具有两种电压钳制速度模式:慢模式(Slow mode)用于筛选卵母细胞或应用于不需要快速 反应的情况。快模式(Fast mode)用于对快速的全细胞电流进行精确钳制,反应时间(10-90% 上升时间)为350μs/100 mV 步阶命令。
  • λ 具有浴电位测量及补偿功能。
  • λ 具有交流钳制增益与直流钳制增益,以保证快速、无饱和钳制性能。交流钳制增益达2,000,直流增益1x106。
  • λ 4.4 极Bessel 滤波。
  • λ 具有电极检测功能。



(OC-725D) Oocyte Voltage Clamp

Designed for Two-electrode whole-cell voltage clamping of Xenopus oocytes 


  • • High compliance voltage (±180 V)
  • • Unique bath clamp circuitry
  • • Ideal for clamping large cells and cell structures
    e.g. squid axons
  • • Extended current measuring range
  • • Decreased noise level and 4-pole Bessel filter
  • Voltage and current electrode holders must be purchased separately

Test Condition #1

Model cell used to obtain specifications.

Model membrane: 1 MΩ in parallel with 550 nF.

Current and voltage electrodes: both 1 MΩ impedance.

Test Condition #2

Noise measurements made with an 8-pole Bessel filter.

Voltage Recording Channel (Vm)

V Probe Input Impedance

0.5 x 1012Ω, 1 pF

Output Resistance

100 Ω


DC Offset

± 200 mV at input. Variations from zero with 10 turn control (20 mV/turn).

Noise (0-10 kHz)

3 µV RMS with input grounded

20 µV RMS with model cell

Electrode Test

10 mV/MΩ read on meter

100 mV/MΩ at Vm x10 output

Meter Range

± 199.9 mV full scale

Current Sensing Channel (Bath Clamp) (Im)

Noise (0-1 kHz)

4.5 nA RMS with bath clamp

10 nA RMS in output leg

I Monitor Output

1 nA/mV to 1 mA/10V in 7 steps and 3 ranges, x0.1, x1, and x10.

Gain Telegraph Output

0.2 to 2.8 V in 8 steps (200 mV/step) and 3 ranges, x0.1, x1, and x10.

Compatible with data acquisition software

Meter Range, full scale

Clamp Current: ± 199.9 µA


Electrode Voltage (Ve)

± 199.9 mV; current meter reads Ve when clamp mode switch is off.

Current Electrode Channel

Compliance Voltage

± 180 V

Clamp Speed

550 µsec; (10-90%) with 100 mV square wave command applied to model cell



Variable AC/DC: 0 to 2000


Fixed DC Gain

Switch selected: 1 x 106


Ve DC Offset

± 200 mV at input (20 mV/turn)

Electrode Test

10 mV/MΩ read on current meter

100 mV/MΩ at Ve x10 output rear panel



Manually set with digital potentiometer, 2 digit resolution and 2 ranges:

x10 range: 0 to ± 100 mV

x20 range: 0 to ± 200 mV


Signals applied to COMMAND IN÷10 are attenuated by a factor of 10,

1 V applied = 100 mV command

Physical Dimensions


8.9 cm x 43.2 cm x 30.5 cm (H x W x D)

Voltage Headstage

12.5 mm D x 5 cm L with 1.8 m cable


Mounting Handle

8.0 mm D x 6.3 cm L


Bath Headstage

2.3 cm x 3.5 cm x 4.2 cm (H x W x D), with 1.8 m cable

Shipping Weight

6.0 kg


One year, parts & labor

Power Requirements

Universal: 100-130 or 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 14 VA



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