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产品名称PlexDrive Microdrive

CategoryPlexDrive Microdrive

  PlexDrive™ Microdrive In vivo adjustable electrode is the latest product for convenient positioning of U-probe

Product description
Technical Specs

  The PlexDrive Microdrive is a special screw to drive one or multiple U-probes in a standard 19 mm recording chamber. It is simple, reliable and economical, and can drive a U-probe with 100mm length and 30mm protection pin hole to move up to 30mm, which is used to record from superficial and deep brain structure.

  The reusable PlexDrive system consists of a grid, drive screw assembly, guide tube and a support arm for installation and cleaning. Grid and removable drive screw are used for flexible installation of multiple U-probes in one recording chamber.

  The grid is a 32 mm high, 18.75mm diameter circular piston, into which a standard 19 mm recording chamber can be slid. At the top edge of the grid there is a 23mm diameter lip on top of the recording chamber. 144 small non-threaded circular, enough to hold 25 gauge guide tubes, are arranged on the surface of the grid to provide 144 different positions for U-probe placement. Additional 19 threaded holes, evenly distributed between the guide tubes, are used to erect a drive assembly at the required location. The grid contains a notch for easy orientation within the recording chamber.

  The high grid has been designed to facilitate U-probe insertion effectively, ensure that the guide tube is well supported, and keep the U-probe completely vertical in the process of entering the tissues, reducing the possibility of any lateral movement. The 3mm half notch on the top of the guide tube ensures that the U-probe can be easily inserted into the guide tube

  In the process of operation, screw the driving screw to generate the power of linear motion, driving the U-probe, every 360 °rotation of driving screw for 282μm (1 / 90 inch) forward.

  The PlexDrive system includes an arm that can be easily attached to any positioning system with 10 or 12 mm diameter posts to grab the grid when driving on the animal's head. When removed from the brain, the arm can also be used to grab assembly during cleaning, or to grab the PlexDrive in an acute experiment.

  PlexDrive™ Microdrive In vivo adjustable electrode is the latest product for convenient positioning of U-probe






 匹配U-Probes,25 gauge的导向管,8、16 or 24通道,可带有光纤或给药通道













 Recording chamber :







 25 gauge













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