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      Hong Kong Plexon Limited was founded in January 2011. As the sales branch of American Plexon in Aisa( except Japan), it has 5 offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou currently. We hold technical seminar every year to give Plexon Chinese users best service. Whole experimental technique including the most advanced experimental methods, surgical experience , product training and software analysis are shared with our users in technical seminar . We hope we can help the in vivo neuroscience research to develop step by step , and make our unremitting efforts for the take-off of neuroscience.


     It is the most important work for every one in Hong Kong Plexon that to provide quality service and product. Our technical department is devoted to improving the quality and level of service continuously, to pursue high efficiency product and meet the request of customers.


Customer survey:

In order to collect the comments from our customers, improve the quality of service and the  degree of satisfaction, we will do the customer survey for our services every year.


Powerful technical team:

We aim at providing our customers with quality service. 

We have 6 technical engineers and application specialists now. They all got a master's degree, and most of them come from neuroscience labs, leading to the accurate solution of problems.

Our staff distribute in the key city of North and South, providing the fast response for repair service.

Every engineer has extensive experience, they all have received the strict training and passed the professional examination.


Powerful technical support from headquarters:

We are supported by technical team in the United States, who provide us with all technical assistance. 

In addition to providing technical consultation, solving technical problems and training of engineers, they are also directly involved in installation and animal surgical operation, as well as experimental design and neural signal analysis.


Invisible service:

There are 4 offices in China mainland. To make sure that the users can experience the most advanced equipment and the most detailed pre-sales introduction, we placed many demo equipment in every office. So that the customers can have a comprehensive understanding of the whole experiment and have an intuitive impression of each experiment detail。

In order to shorten the delivery time and reduce the pressure of customers waiting for experiments, we have full-time staff in Hong Kong office to be responsible for the delivery, and we will have stock for common equipment 

For system upgrading, we are in line with the headquarters in the United States to ensure that users can enjoy the convenience and rapidity of system and software upgrading in the first time


So many users in China:

In a short period of time, Hong Kong Plexon has established a broad user base and won wide trust from users!




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